A few season 1 episodes of Taz-Mania were either left unfinished and/or still storyboarded back in the early stages of the show. Most of them were either lost, locked in the Warner studio lot or reworked for other shows such as Animaniacs, Tiny Toons etc.

A couple of animators got a bit mad about their ideas getting constantly rejected near the end of the production, they all decided to quit, but couldn't because of their 6 year contract. Desperatly wanting to get out of their contracts, they made one new episode that would get them fired. Of course they had to make it with no one noticing, no executives, no producers, only the 4 of them working on the episode for 2 weeks.

On November 14th a mix-up occurred which no one knows how it happened, yet. On 8:47 AM that episode aired, according to a few reports and summarries found online, the episode was broadcasted in a quality similar to a degrading VHS tape. A few summaries say that they saw it from the beggining.

The episode seemed rushed and the sound was a bit muffled.

It begins with Taz spinning around in his room, he gets out of control and breaks the door leading him into the kitchen destroying a few things. Later on he gets more out of control and breaks the TV in the living room, his dad got angry so he told him to go outside and play with one of his toys. As Taz walks outside he finds a baby crocodile and puts him on a leash. Act one fades out with the shot of Taz and the crocodile walking to a hill.

Act two begins with the shot of the Tazmanian household's door, Taz opens it and slowly sneaks in trying to hide the crocodile. His mom calls him to come for dinner, he leaves the crocodile behind the new TV set, at this point the quiality gets worse, but Taz acts a bit out of character, like someone left the scene unfinished and someone else tried to complete it.

Taz presses a button on the TV's remote control, which zaps the crocodile into the TV. The TV then shows raw live-action footage of a baby crocodile being graphically attacked and eaten by a jaguar. The TV then explodes, and Taz's parents are very angry. The episode ends with Taz getting bloodily bludgeoned with a rolled up newspaper by his mom.